4 Types Of Pop-Culture Russian Nesting Dolls

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The traditional Russian nesting doll typically features an intricate female design and pattern that is repeated through each size doll that goes into the one before it. As the design evolved over the years, many doll designs have implemented pop-culture features into the designs.

Learn about some fun ways to collect the nesting dolls, often referred to as Russian Matryoshka dolls. The pop-culture designs include fun characters and themes that make ideal gifts for family and friends.

1. Pop-Culture Families

The world of television and movies has been filled with many pop-culture families, and you can own a whole collection of them in a single Russian nesting doll set. The biggest dolls in the family will typically feature the parents while the remaining dolls feature the children and pets. One of the more common examples is The Simpsons.

The bright yellow color of their skin creates vivid detail in the custom-painted dolls. Homer and Marge are the biggest dolls, followed by Bart, Lisa, and Maggie. Expanded sets may include Grandpa Simpson, their dog, or their cat. Other family sets could showcase animated shows like Family Guy, Rugrats, or South Park.

2. Sports Teams

The large roster of a sports team is an ideal fit for nesting doll designs. Each doll in the set would feature a player in their uniform. A key difference may include the numbers on the back of the jerseys. You can find sports team designs for many of the major sports including football, basketball, and baseball.

If a company doesn't have the rights to produce official team logos, then you may shop for designs that feature the team colors as opposed to full logos and names.

3. Holiday Themes

The world of pop culture features a lot of connections to holidays, and you can shop for nesting dolls with unique holiday themes. Find doll collections with Halloween characters like horror movie slashers or characters from The Nightmare Before Christmas. Christmas designs may include franchises like The Grinch or Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer.

Fourth of July themes could include characters dressed in red, white, and blue outfits.

4. Franchise Characters

Some pop-culture franchises go well beyond just a movie or TV show. Massive franchises like Star Wars, The Muppets, or the Marvel Cinematic Universe include dozens of characters that fit well into a nesting doll theme. Each set would include a collection of the most popular characters and unique paint designs for each one.

Display the collection with all of the dolls removed or just as the one single doll with the whole set put together.

Shop around to find unique themes. You can make the various pop-culture sets a new gifting tradition you share with family and friends.


25 May 2021

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