How To Get The Most From Your Honeymoon Lingerie


Wedding and honeymoon lingerie comes in many shapes and sizes and serves many purposes. It makes you look and feel good and is a traditional part of the wedding night intimacy between you and your partner. It can be just important as your wedding dress, and yet many women leave their lingerie shopping to the last minute and do not allocate enough time and money to find the perfect sets of lingerie. Understanding the importance and role of bridal lingerie will help guide your shopping decisions and make sure you are fully prepared for your wedding and honeymoon. 

Understand the Difference Between Bridal Lingerie and Honeymoon Lingerie 

When you start thinking about bridal lingerie, do you think of lacy little numbers that will entice your significant other? The fact is that most women want to look absolutely perfect on their wedding day, and this usually requires the help of supportive, shaping undergarments. While these can look great, they are rarely the white lace teddy you imagine wearing on your wedding night. 

If you have cups sewn into your wedding dress, you can often go without a bra, and if your dress is not form-fitting around the stomach and thighs, then you have your choice of underwear and garters to wear. However, most wedding dresses limit your lingerie selection in one way or another. Ideally, you would wear minimal lingerie under your dress, making it easy to transition from the dance floor to your intimate evening. 

The more enticing, exotic lingerie is ideal for your honeymoon. You can find great designer pieces from retailers like Lena Style. You should pick out 2-3 new pieces of lingerie, depending on the length of your honeymoon, to spice things up and make every evening a new adventure. 

Don't Forget Something Comfortable

Whether you plan to spend your entire honeymoon in bed or actually want a vacation with your significant other, there will be times when you are between public and private spheres. For instance, you will not want to be caught in a negligee when room service is delivered or you have to run out to the ice machine. For this moments, or when you are lounging in the hotel room, make sure you have a light robe or a more modest set of lingerie. 

Encourage Your Playful Side By Buying Honeymoon Lingerie For Each Other

Lingerie is not just for women. Men should also be encouraged to wear something that makes them feel special and attractive during their honeymoon. Although you will both want control of your own undergarments during your wedding, the honeymoon is an ideal, low-risk time to try something you would not usually wear. Why not set up an exchange in which you pick out lingerie for each other? You may learn a little bit more about your significant other's sexual desires and increase your intimacy. 

If You Are Adventurous, Do a Boudoir Photo Shoot Together 

Men often want women to wear lingerie more often than they do. However, most women only break out the lingerie for special occasions, such as their wedding, valentine's day, or anniversaries. One way to make the most of your lingerie and remember your honeymoon is to do a boudoir photo shoot together. Many large hotels offer this service, or you can book a photographer you are both comfortable with before your wedding.

Not only will it be a fun activity for you and your partner, but you can get some great, tasteful photos that will last through your marriage. You can hang one of these prints in your bedroom or master bathroom to remind you and your partner to continuously pursue your intimate life throughout your marriage. 

After your honeymoon, you may find your lingerie collecting dust in your dresser. Remember to break it out, or purchase a new set, every so often to keep your intimate life fresh and exciting.


3 February 2015

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