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Flag Football Leagues: 4 Commemorative Coins Ideal For Game Coin Flips

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Playing in a flag football league is a great way to exercise, enjoy the game, and feel like you’re a true NFL player. Just like any football game, the coin flip is an integral part of starting the game. Instead of using a basic coin like a quarter, you can purchase special coins that create a special moment for the coin flip. The following four designs are not only ideal for flipping, but many of them can incorporate the spirit of American football. Coin shops and appraisers may offer a variety of these designs for sale. You can bring the coins to your team’s games or donate them to the league organizers for use within the whole league. Super Bowl Commemorative Coins The Super Bowl is the biggest game played each year and is often celebrated with the release of a commemorative coin. These coins feature the Super Bowl logo one side with team logos or the Lombardi trophies on the reverse side. Add a competitive Super Bowl feeling to your flag football games with the purchase of Super Bowl commemorative coins. The coins can be used for each game or saved specifically for the championship game in your league. These coins can be purchased for recent Super Bowls or Super Bowl events played in years past. The replica coins are based off the ones used in the official coin flip, giving you a great coin for flipping at the start of a game. Team Coins If you have a favorite football team or your flag football team name is based off an actual NFL team, then you can get a lot of use out of an official team coin. When an NFL’s team schedule is released each year, it is typically followed by the release of a team schedule coin. The front side of these bronze coins features the team’s helmet logo. The reverse side of the coins features the team schedule for the whole season. This coin can represent your favorite team and make a great flipping coin for your flag football league. By purchasing multiple coins, the home team can select their favorite team and choose which coin to flip before a game. After the season is over, these coins make great keepsakes to remember the NFL season by. Current season coins are easy to find, but you may need to seek out a coin dealer to find coins from past seasons and for specific teams. Custom Coins Along with purchasing coins that are already minted, you can have a custom coin designed for your league. A number of companies offer the ability to have custom coins created and minted. When designing a coin for your flag football league, you can choose custom designs for each side of the coin. For example, one side can feature a waving flag on it while the other features the league name or logo. There are a number of materials you can have the coins minted in. A heavier material like bronze is ideal for flipping accurately through the air. A material like plastic may be too light for flipping, so stick to metal materials for the best results. You can order a set of these coins to hand out to each player. Not only do they make great coins...

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Things You Should Rent Instead Of Buy For Your Outdoor Wedding

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Are you planning an outdoor wedding? With all the planning you need to do, you’re probably feeling a bit overwhelmed. Ease some stress and make your shopping prep a little easier by checking out this list of things you should rent instead of buy for your big day. Chairs And Tables The average soon-to-be-married couple invites 175 guests to their wedding. Few people have this many tables and chairs kicking around their properties, and few people will ever need that many chairs and tables again after their wedding day has passed.  A simple, plastic folding table and chairs set-up can be rented for about $13.50. This usually includes 6 chairs and 1 table. You’d need about 30 of these to accommodate 175 guests, bringing your total to roughly $405 — that’s far cheaper than what it would cost you to purchase that many tables and chairs, and you won’t have to worry about storing them once the event is over. Furthermore, many services will set up the tables and chairs for you for as little as 30 cents a seat. Who couldn’t use a little extra help on their wedding day? A Tent The very last thing you want at your outdoor wedding is a rain storm, but if one happens to arise, you’re going to need to be prepared to deal with it. Make the possibility of a rainy wedding day a non-issue by renting a tent that’s big enough to shelter all your guests in the event of a storm. To find out how much room you’ll need in a tent for a sit-down dinner with rectangular banquet tables, it is recommended to multiply the number of guests you’ve invited to your wedding by 10; this will give you the correct square footage of the tent you should rent. For 175 guests, you’ll need a tent with roughly 1750 sq. ft. of floor space. The price of your tent rental will vary depending on the type of tent you want and additional features, such as a dance floor, lighting, windows, and sidewalls. Call tent rental agencies in your area to compare quotes, and make sure those quotes include the cost of delivery, set-up, and insurance. Dinnerware Sure, you could purchase plastic, disposable flatware and paper plates to serve your guests on at your wedding, but real-deal dinnerware is a whole lot classier. You can rent stainless steel flatware for as little as 35-45 cents apiece and glass dinner plates will cost you roughly 40 cents per piece. What about wine glasses? These are one aspect of your wedding that it’s best to purchase instead of rent. You can buy 6-packs of wine glasses for as little as $4.99; have them etched with your and your spouse’s names and let them serve as gifts for your guests to bring home and use to remember your special day.  The Wedding Dress Wedding gowns are notoriously expensive. So much so, in fact, that many brides opt out of their dream dresses in favor of less expensive options. By renting a dress, the bride doesn’t need to settle. She can wear a wedding dress valued at thousands of dollars and feel as beautiful as possible at a fraction of the cost of buying the dress.  Most dress rental agencies will allow...

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3 Tips For Customizing How Much Vapor Your Electronic Cigarette Produces With Each Puff

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If you are new to vaping, it is a good idea to purchase a starter kit that includes the basics you need to start or a pack of basic disposable e-cigs. Once you have some vaping experience and know what you like and dislike about your first basic kit or set of disposables, you can then begin purchasing the exact parts you need to customize your vaping experience to your specific preferences, which may include a stronger or less intense vapor output. Here is a guide to customizing your e-cig by choosing components that will help you obtain the perfect amount of vapor with each puff.  1. Start with the Right Battery Starter kits and disposables typically offer a moderate amount of vapor, and while not quite as important for optimizing vapor output as choosing the right tank is, using a powerful battery can increase the amount of vapor you receive with each puff.  Disposable electronic cigarettes are typically pen-style, and some starter kits are also this style, which is often referred to as a “cig-a-like” due to its similarity in appearance to a traditional cigarette. If your e-cig is about the same size and shape of a traditional cigarette but possibly just a bit longer, then it is considered a pen style.   Pen style e-cig batteries are small, so the battery inside of them is also small and not-so-powerful, typically ranging from 175 to 350 mAh. By transitioning from a pen-style battery to a larger battery that is 600 to 1200 mAh, you can not only increase vapor output, but you also won’t have to charge your battery as often. This is an easy switch to obtain more vapor. If you want to decrease vapor output, then finding a battery with fewer mAh than your current one can be helpful.  2. Opt for Your Optimal Tank The best way to customize vapor output is to change the part of the e-cig that holds the liquid (often casually called a “tank”)  to something different. Disposable e-cigs contain cartomizers (although they are not removable in disposables), and pen-style starter kits include this component as well. By switching from a cartomizer to a more powerful, high-capacity clearomizer, you can increase vapor output. For even more vapor, you can opt for a dual-coil clearomizer, which produces more vapor than a typical, single coil one.  If you want to keep vapor output strong, also remember that no cartomizer or clearomizer lasts forever, and as this component becomes older, it begins to produce less vapor. How long each lasts depends on quality and how much you vape (it can range from days to months), so the best way to know when to replace it is to simply replace when it is no longer producing as much vapor as you like.  3. Customize Vapor Output with a Manual Battery The final way to customize your electronic cigarette vapor output, which is switching to a manual battery, is also the best way to decrease vapor if you find that even pen-style batteries with cartomizers produce too much vapor with each puff for you. However, it is also a great option for people who love lots of vapor.  Pen-style and disposable e-cigs come with automatic batteries, which means that the battery is triggered to produce vapor with...

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5 Types Of Subscription Boxes Ideal For Middle School Students

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Children going through middle school are in an awkward stage of their life. As kids transition into the teenage years, it’s a good idea to help guide them along the way. Subscription boxes are a way to give middle school students something to look forward to each month. Not only are the best subscription boxes filled with all sorts of fun, but they can be very useful for the vulnerable middle school years. Browse through the five types of boxes that you can subscribe to for the middle school child in your life. Each type of box focuses on different aspects of school and home life during middle school. Art & Writing Boxes Celebrate back to school by signing your child up for art & writing boxes. These boxes can help a child express themselves in a variety of ways. One of the main things a child can receive in these boxes are unique writing instruments. Fancy pens, pop-culture pencils, and a variety of colors are just a few of the features. Along with writing instruments, special letterhead is often included in these boxes. Middle school students will enjoy cool designs, colors, and paper that cannot be purchased from local stores. It’s a great way to stock a backpack and offer a variety of options as the school year goes on. Sock Boxes Both pre-teen boys and girls may not like getting socks as gifts until they subscribe to a sock box. You have the ability to select the amount of socks you want each month, but they come in a variety of designs with young middle school students in mind. Boxes are made for both boys and girls. Different designs include animal patterns, various sports, or neon color designs. Not only does this help a child add accessories to a wardrobe, but parents do not have to worry about matching or purchasing new socks all the time. It helps children build a collection and be responsible with the pairs that they collect. Snack Boxes Having the same types of snacks every day at school can become tiresome. Add some excitement to the daily routine by signing a child up for a snack box. Snack subscription boxes come in a number of varieties including organic snacks, peanut-free snacks, and snacks from all over the world. Each month, a child can try out the new snacks and expand their pallet. If multiple children subscribe to these boxes, it’s a great way to trade snacks and try out different options. Hygiene Boxes Middle school children go through a number of changes, mostly associated with puberty. Instead of having anxiety or awkwardness, a student can get help with subscription boxes. Boxes are available for both boys and girls. For boys, products like deodorant and razor kits can be sent. For girls, they can get deodorant and feminine products. Beauty sample boxes also feature a number of different lotions, creams, and perfumes to try out. This allows shy students to try out products without having to purchase them in person at a store. The products are also great for middle school sleepovers. They are often filled with a variety of samples that girls can share together. Geek Boxes Add a little fun to the middle school life with geek boxes. These boxes range from...

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3-Step Guide For Cleaning Your Old Jewelry Before Taking It To A Pawn Shop

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If you have some old jewelry you plan on taking to the pawn shop, making sure it looks its best can help you get more money for it. One way to do this is to make sure your pieces are clean and shiny. Use the three-step guide below to use a cleaner to spruce up your jewelry using ingredients found in pharmacies and grocery stores. Step 1:  Soak Your Jewelry In A Homemade Cleaner This first step involves soaking your jewelry in a homemade cleaner designed to remove any tarnish, skin oils, and dirt. Once the cleaner dissolves these materials, you will be able to remove them more easily. To make your homemade cleaner, you will need white distilled vinegar, tea tree oil, and baking soda. The vinegar and baking soda will cut through any caked-on grime. The baking soda also gives the cleaner a gentle abrasive quality that will be useful in the next step. the tea tree oil helps break up the oils that may dull the metals and gems. The oil can also remove any hidden mold or mildew because of its natural antifungal properties. In a small bowl, mix together a half of a cup of vinegar with a tablespoon of baking soda. Then, stir in two drops of tea tree oil. Place your jewelry in the cleaning solution and let it soak for 15 minutes. Use your fingers to rearrange the pieces, then let them soak for an additional 10 minutes. Moving them around ensures all surfaces are covered. Once the time is up, go on to the second step. Step 2:  Scrub The Gems With An Old Toothbrush After soaking your jewelry and loosening the dirt, this next step in the process uses an old, soft toothbrush to scrub away the remaining grime. When doing this step, use a light touch so that you do not knock out any of the stones. One at a time, place a jewelry piece in the palm of your non-dominant hand. While holding it, use the toothbrush with your dominant hand to scrub around the gems. Use light, circular motions to break up the residual dirt. Gently use the brush on the setting or chain, if applicable. When scrubbing this part of the jewelry piece, slide the brush along the area instead of using circular motions. This will prevent scratching or knotting it up. After finishing each piece, place it back in the cleaner and repeat the above until all of your jewelry has been scrubbed. Then, go on to the third step. Step 3:  Rinse With Witch Hazel After your jewelry has been scrubbed and allowed to soak for an additional five minutes, the final step in the cleaning process uses witch hazel to rinse the pieces. Witch hazel is an astringent that will remove any residual cleaning solution and dirt. It also dries without leaving spots, leaving your jewelry shiny and beautiful. Fill a small bowl with a cup of straight witch hazel. Then, pick up each jewelry piece one at a time and dip it into the liquid. Swirl it around for about a minute. Remove the piece and hold it above the bowl for about a half a minute to allow any excess to drip off. Then, place the piece on a dry, cloth towel...

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5 Steps For The Perfect Straight Razor Shave

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Sadly, many younger men have never experienced the luxurious feeling of a real barbershop shave. If you’re one of these men, don’t feel left out, because you can achieve your own barbershop experience at home with a straight razor kit and a few supplies. To learn the basics of straight-razor shaving, just follow these five steps: Step 1: Prepare Your Face for the Shave Before you begin shaving with a straight razor, there are two important things you should do to prepare your face for the shave: heat up your pores and moisturize your face. Heating your face before you shave opens up the pores and softens the hair follicles, making it easier to get a close shave with fewer nicks. Showering before you shave is usually the easiest way to do this, but a hot towel can work just as well, too. Simply soak a towel in hot water then hold it up to your face for a few seconds to soften the stubble. Most barbers do not recommend that you wash your face before a shave because soaps and facial cleaners can remove protective oils from your skin, increasing the risk of razor drag. If you did wash your face or you just want some extra protection against razor burn, moisturize your skin with pre-shave oil. A good pre-shave oil designed for this purpose reduces razor drag and acts as an antiseptic for your skin. Step 2: Prepare Your Razor In order to achieve a close, nick-free shave, you must prepare your razor to ensure that it’s sharp enough to do the job well. Preparing your straight razor requires two tasks: stropping and honing. You can perform these maintenance tasks on your razor either before or after you shave, just as long as they get done. Stropping is performed to maintain a clean, straight edge on the razor. Have patience and take your time with this task, especially while you’re still learning, because haphazard stropping can dull the edge of your straight razor. Unlike stropping, you don’t necessarily need to hone (or sharpen) your straight razor before every shave. If you feel a slight pull on your skin when you begin shaving, chances are good your blade needs to be honed. This is typically done with whetstone, also known as a barber hone. Step 3: Lather Up Shaving lather or cream with high alkaline content helps softens your skin and whiskers. Many men prefer to apply the lather with a shaving brush because it lifts the hair follicles and exfoliates the skin of the face and neck. High-quality shaving lather applied with a good brush feels great on your skin and creates an experience that feels almost indulgent.   Step 4: Shave As you begin shaving, pull the skin taut and shave in the direction of hair growth using slow, even strokes. If you desire an extra-close shave, you may shave against the grain, but reapply more pre-shave oil and lather beforehand to prevent ingrown hairs and bumps. You don’t need to apply much pressure for the razor to do its job. Step 5: Rinse Off When you’re done shaving, rinse your face and neck with cold water to close the pores. If you wish to apply after-shave, avoid using an alcohol-based product because alcohol dries your...

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How To Get The Most From Your Honeymoon Lingerie

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Wedding and honeymoon lingerie comes in many shapes and sizes and serves many purposes. It makes you look and feel good and is a traditional part of the wedding night intimacy between you and your partner. It can be just important as your wedding dress, and yet many women leave their lingerie shopping to the last minute and do not allocate enough time and money to find the perfect sets of lingerie. Understanding the importance and role of bridal lingerie will help guide your shopping decisions and make sure you are fully prepared for your wedding and honeymoon.  Understand the Difference Between Bridal Lingerie and Honeymoon Lingerie  When you start thinking about bridal lingerie, do you think of lacy little numbers that will entice your significant other? The fact is that most women want to look absolutely perfect on their wedding day, and this usually requires the help of supportive, shaping undergarments. While these can look great, they are rarely the white lace teddy you imagine wearing on your wedding night.  If you have cups sewn into your wedding dress, you can often go without a bra, and if your dress is not form-fitting around the stomach and thighs, then you have your choice of underwear and garters to wear. However, most wedding dresses limit your lingerie selection in one way or another. Ideally, you would wear minimal lingerie under your dress, making it easy to transition from the dance floor to your intimate evening.  The more enticing, exotic lingerie is ideal for your honeymoon. You can find great designer pieces from retailers like Lena Style. You should pick out 2-3 new pieces of lingerie, depending on the length of your honeymoon, to spice things up and make every evening a new adventure.  Don’t Forget Something Comfortable Whether you plan to spend your entire honeymoon in bed or actually want a vacation with your significant other, there will be times when you are between public and private spheres. For instance, you will not want to be caught in a negligee when room service is delivered or you have to run out to the ice machine. For this moments, or when you are lounging in the hotel room, make sure you have a light robe or a more modest set of lingerie.  Encourage Your Playful Side By Buying Honeymoon Lingerie For Each Other Lingerie is not just for women. Men should also be encouraged to wear something that makes them feel special and attractive during their honeymoon. Although you will both want control of your own undergarments during your wedding, the honeymoon is an ideal, low-risk time to try something you would not usually wear. Why not set up an exchange in which you pick out lingerie for each other? You may learn a little bit more about your significant other’s sexual desires and increase your intimacy.  If You Are Adventurous, Do a Boudoir Photo Shoot Together  Men often want women to wear lingerie more often than they do. However, most women only break out the lingerie for special occasions, such as their wedding, valentine’s day, or anniversaries. One way to make the most of your lingerie and remember your honeymoon is to do a boudoir photo shoot together. Many large hotels offer this service, or you can book a photographer you are...

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Shopping For An Engagement Ring? 2 Things You Should Do Before You Hit The Stores

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When you are in love, money might seem like no object. To whisk the girl of your dreams off of her feet, you might be ready to whip out your credit card and choose a huge bauble she can brag about to her friends. Unfortunately, harsh realities can set in after your honeymoon is over. Here are two things you should do before you hit those jewelry stores, so that you can save money while impressing your lady: 1: Talk With Your Sweetheart Beforehand If you are like most guys, you probably assume that your soon-to-be bride would love a giant diamond that weighs down her finger. However, a personal skating rink isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Discussing your ring purchase with your girlfriend is one of the most important things to do before you start shopping. Here are a few things that you should bring up: Budgeting Concerns: It might be fun to pretend you have all of the money in the world, but after you share a checking account, your bride might not be too happy about that hefty engagement ring debt. Talk with your future spouse about how much you can realistically afford to spend on a ring. Discuss the stability of your jobs, future expenses, and having children. After you both feel comfortable with a budget, you can shop for a ring confidently.   Taste: Simply put, huge, glitzy rings aren’t for everyone. If your wife is super athletic or loves to garden, she might not get that much use out of a giant 3-carat diamond ring. Talk with your girlfriend about which types of rings she likes, and never assume that bigger is better. Your engagement ring purchase will most likely be the first big decision you and your future spouse make together. Try to keep an open mind and enjoy the experience.  2: Understand Your Options Are you having a tough time wrapping your mind around the average $5,200 most people spend on an engagement ring? Although it might seem like a diamond solitaire is your only option, the fact of the matter is that you can achieve the same effect for a fraction of the price. Here are a few options that you should be familiar with before you start shopping so that you can make an educated decision: Moissanite: Wouldn’t it be nice if there were a stone that looked like a diamond, only sparklier? Believe it or not, moissanite refracts more light than a diamond, but otherwise looks nearly identical. Moissonite also attracts less grease, so that the stone will look better between cleanings. To top it off, a carat of moissanite starts at about $269, which is a fraction of the near $4,000 that a diamond of a similar size would cost you.   Alternate Gemstone:  Your future wife is special, so why shouldn’t her ring be special too? Instead of getting her what every other girl has, consider mixing it up by investigating alternative gemstones. A gorgeous ruby or emerald might look incredible on her hand, and cost much less than a diamond. Composite Diamonds: When you purchase a diamond, large individual stones can cost a fortune. However, you can create the look of one large singular stone by putting several smaller stones together. Composite diamonds are set right...

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Exotic Skin Boots Need Extra Care

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During the after Christmas sales you can often find really great sales on the exotic skin cowboy boots that usually run hundreds of dollars more than those made of ordinary leather. While you may be able to get them for a really great price, you are not going to be able to keep them looking great if you do not know how to care for the skins they are made out of. Exotic skins require a different type of care than your typical leather boot would. The great news is that with a little extra knowledge, and a little extra care, you can keep your boots looking great for years to come. Know Your Skins Although many cowboy boots are made from leather, you can find some really good looking boots on the market made from other types of skins. The most common skins you will find on the market are: Snake Lizard Eel Ostrich Alligator Stingray While many skins are very discernible by the way they look, some skins can be modified to look like materials they are not. Before you invest in a pair of exotic skin boots, it is very important you actually know what types of skins they are constructed from. Only purchase your boots from reputable dealers. Not only will they be more truthful about the materials you are purchasing, but you will also be able to purchase boots made from higher quality skins. No matter which skin, or combination of skins you purchase, the most important thing is you address the unique needs that each skin has. Snakeskin One of the most popular reptile skins is snakeskin. The color, shape of the scales, and other characteristics can vary based on the type of snake they are from. Some of the most popular species of snake skins that you will find boots made out of are: Python Anaconda Whipsnake Wart Snake Various Vipers — These include rattlesnake, cottonmouth, copperhead, cobra, and mamba Although all the skins come from various types of snakes, their care will basically be the same. How To Care For Your Snakeskin and Lizard One of the most important things you can do to take care of your snakeskin and lizard skin boots is to ensure you keep them clean. It is important you wipe them down with a soft, dry cloth anytime you wear them. Use a soft brush to brush away any dried on dirt. Always brush in the direction of the scales, and never go against the scales, or do anything that will cause you to lift the scales. Since both types of skins are water resistant, exposing your boots to excessive water will eventually cause the skins on your boots to dry out and curl. You can keep the skins on your boots hydrated by applying a light conditioner made especially for reptiles. If your boots are made from a reptile skin that has been applied over a cow leather, it is important you keep the leather underneath hydrated as well. You can do this by applying a leather conditioner to the inside of your boot. This will allow it to sink into the leather and will not damage the skin.  Alligator Skin There are two very distinctive patterns that come from the skin of an alligator....

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