Hand-Knotted Wool Runner Rugs

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Hand-knotted wool runner rugs will add texture, warmth, and style to hallways, bathrooms, bedrooms, and more. Use the shopping strategies below to help you choose wool floor coverings that will enhance interior areas. 

Wool Products

Many runner rug manufacturers feature wool products. Wool is stain resistant. It contains a natural coating of lanolin that prevents substances from discoloring the strands. Wool can also withstand heavy foot traffic. The tough fibers that comprise a runner rug will not fray quickly or come loose from a runner.

Wool runner rugs often contain a series of dyed wool strands. The strands may be used to provide a color block pattern or design across a rug runner.

The Knot Style

Hand-knotted wool runner rugs are produced by artisans. These products take a considerable amount of time to make. They are quality floor coverings that can truly enhance the interior spaces within a residence. When shopping for wool runner rugs, look at the knot style that a series of floor coverings feature.

Knotting techniques may vary in complexity. A quality runner rug product will contain deep knots that are concealed along the bottom of a rug product. The top of a rug will contain individual wool strands. The thickness of the wool can have a bearing on the knot craftsmanship that was used to make a rug.

The Backing

Inspect the backing of a series of wool runner rugs. Various materials are used to create backing panels. The backing will be laid directly across the flooring that a rug runner will eventually cover. Shop for a runner rug product that features a non-slip backing. This type of backing will grip to hardwood, tiles, vinyl, and other flooring materials within your home.

By purchasing runner rugs that contain non-slip backing panels, each rug that you lay within your home will not shift when weight is applied to it.

Colors And Patterns

Shop for runner rugs that feature brilliant colors and patterns that will blend in well with the decor in each room in your home. Review the labels that various runner rugs contain. The labels may indicate what type of dye product was used to add color to wool strands.

A rug manufacturer may use a synthetic dye or a natural dye product when coloring wool strands. The care instructions for each wool product will be outlined on the label that is affixed to each floor covering.

To learn more, contact a runner rug manufacturer in your area such as Rug Source - Oriental and Persian Rugs.


24 April 2023

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