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A custom wetsuit will provide thermal and UV protection. An accurate fit and personalized details will support comfort and style. An individual may want to wear a custom wetsuit when participating in recreational water activities or competitive water activities.

Wetsuit Types

Full wetsuits contain long sleeves and long pants legs. These types of wetsuits offer the most protection and are suited for use in cold waters. A long john-style wetsuit contains a short-sleeved bodice or a sleeveless bodice.

A shorts-style wetsuit will consist of a short-sleeved top and bottom that are attached. Wetsuit separates are single garments that can be mixed and matched. Neoprene is used to construct many custom wetsuits. A clothing designer may use single layers of fabric or multiple layers of fabric to construct a suit. 

Custom Products

Shopping for a wetsuit should involve picking out the cut and style of a suit and choosing the colors, print, and artwork that are going to be added to a suit. A suit may contain a button closure or a zipper closure. A custom wetsuit supplier can secure the buttons or zipper to the parts of the suit that a customer requests of them. Custom products can have embossing and stitching added to them.

If a consumer is going to be wearing their wetsuit during a competition, they may want to have their name and team number emblazoned across the front or the back of a wetsuit. A designer will demonstrate various placement options for any decals, printing, or stitchery that will be added to a wetsuit. If a consumer is undecided about fabric thicknesses and types of material that they can select for their custom wetsuit, a supplier will provide information that pertains to what types of climates each fabric thickness and variety is suited for.

A Perfect Fit

A custom wetsuit will fit perfectly. A consumer's measurements should be furnished with a shopping order. These measurements will determine how much fabric will be needed to construct a wetsuit and the actual cut that a manufacturer will use when making the custom product.

A manufacturer may recommend that the garment is tried on once it has been made. This will allow a consumer to experience the comfort of a wetsuit. If a custom product doesn't fit as expected, it can be tailored. A manufacturer will provide care details for the neoprene wetsuits that they sell.

To learn more, contact a custom wetsuit designer service in your area such as HI Wetsuits.


29 November 2022

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