A New Guide to Shopping at The Mall

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Malls used to be incredibly popular in the U.S. Not only would everyone shop at the mall, but they would also go to the food court, seek entertainment at the arcade or bowling alley, and walk the main halls just to get some exercise. As online shopping has become more common, the nuances of shopping at a mall may be less obvious. Follow these tips below to maximize your fun and efficiency when visiting a mall.

Focus on Specialty Stores

While you can certainly still find good, basic clothing and accessories at the mall, where malls really shine these days is with specialty stores. Hat shops, sock stores, shoe stores, and sunglasses shops are all excellent stores to visit. These items are harder to buy online because most people are looking for them to fit a specific way and serve a certain function. At a mall, you can try them on, touch them all, compare them, and buy the brand and model you like best.

Plan Your Trip Around a Meal

While some malls do still offer a classic food court, it is more common for malls to have a couple of sit-down restaurants associated with them. These restaurants tend to be quite good, so plan your trip to the mall around dining at one. You could shop all morning and then sit down for a nice lunch. Furthermore, you could shop all afternoon before a dinner reservation. Many mall restaurants can put your name on a list, and then call or buzz you when your table is ready, a practice that allows you to shop while you wait for a table.

Download Apps for Your Favorite Stores

Many of the stores in the mall will have their own apps. Take the time to download them before your visit. The app may have discounts you can receive in-store, or you may be able to earn in-app points with every purchase. Most malls post a directory of stores on their website, so you can look over the directory before your visit, decide what stores you're most interested in, and then download apps for those stores.

If you follow the tips above, you'll have a great day at the mall, even in this modern era of online shopping. Don't forget to grab a friend or two to take along with you. The magic of the mall becomes more alive with people you care about.

Visit a local shopping center and experience the fun for yourself.


20 July 2023

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