5 Types Of Subscription Boxes Ideal For Middle School Students

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Children going through middle school are in an awkward stage of their life. As kids transition into the teenage years, it's a good idea to help guide them along the way. Subscription boxes are a way to give middle school students something to look forward to each month. Not only are the best subscription boxes filled with all sorts of fun, but they can be very useful for the vulnerable middle school years.

Browse through the five types of boxes that you can subscribe to for the middle school child in your life. Each type of box focuses on different aspects of school and home life during middle school.

Art & Writing Boxes

Celebrate back to school by signing your child up for art & writing boxes. These boxes can help a child express themselves in a variety of ways. One of the main things a child can receive in these boxes are unique writing instruments. Fancy pens, pop-culture pencils, and a variety of colors are just a few of the features.

Along with writing instruments, special letterhead is often included in these boxes. Middle school students will enjoy cool designs, colors, and paper that cannot be purchased from local stores. It's a great way to stock a backpack and offer a variety of options as the school year goes on.

Sock Boxes

Both pre-teen boys and girls may not like getting socks as gifts until they subscribe to a sock box. You have the ability to select the amount of socks you want each month, but they come in a variety of designs with young middle school students in mind. Boxes are made for both boys and girls. Different designs include animal patterns, various sports, or neon color designs.

Not only does this help a child add accessories to a wardrobe, but parents do not have to worry about matching or purchasing new socks all the time. It helps children build a collection and be responsible with the pairs that they collect.

Snack Boxes

Having the same types of snacks every day at school can become tiresome. Add some excitement to the daily routine by signing a child up for a snack box. Snack subscription boxes come in a number of varieties including organic snacks, peanut-free snacks, and snacks from all over the world. Each month, a child can try out the new snacks and expand their pallet.

If multiple children subscribe to these boxes, it's a great way to trade snacks and try out different options.

Hygiene Boxes

Middle school children go through a number of changes, mostly associated with puberty. Instead of having anxiety or awkwardness, a student can get help with subscription boxes. Boxes are available for both boys and girls. For boys, products like deodorant and razor kits can be sent. For girls, they can get deodorant and feminine products.

Beauty sample boxes also feature a number of different lotions, creams, and perfumes to try out. This allows shy students to try out products without having to purchase them in person at a store. The products are also great for middle school sleepovers. They are often filled with a variety of samples that girls can share together.

Geek Boxes

Add a little fun to the middle school life with geek boxes. These boxes range from themes like video games to super heroes and horror movies. Along with new t-shirts to wear, the boxes contain all type of novelty gifts that pre-teens will enjoy. This includes desk decorations, temporary tattoos, and small treats based off pop-culture characters.

A lot of the boxes also feature reading material based on the theme. Whether it's a novel, graphic novel, or comic book, the boxes can expand the reading that a child does during middle school.

Plan out different box subscriptions based on the child's interests. As interests change, the boxes can be canceled or transferred to a different type.


9 July 2015

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