3 Tips For Customizing How Much Vapor Your Electronic Cigarette Produces With Each Puff

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If you are new to vaping, it is a good idea to purchase a starter kit that includes the basics you need to start or a pack of basic disposable e-cigs. Once you have some vaping experience and know what you like and dislike about your first basic kit or set of disposables, you can then begin purchasing the exact parts you need to customize your vaping experience to your specific preferences, which may include a stronger or less intense vapor output. Here is a guide to customizing your e-cig by choosing components that will help you obtain the perfect amount of vapor with each puff. 

1. Start with the Right Battery

Starter kits and disposables typically offer a moderate amount of vapor, and while not quite as important for optimizing vapor output as choosing the right tank is, using a powerful battery can increase the amount of vapor you receive with each puff.  Disposable electronic cigarettes are typically pen-style, and some starter kits are also this style, which is often referred to as a "cig-a-like" due to its similarity in appearance to a traditional cigarette. If your e-cig is about the same size and shape of a traditional cigarette but possibly just a bit longer, then it is considered a pen style.  

Pen style e-cig batteries are small, so the battery inside of them is also small and not-so-powerful, typically ranging from 175 to 350 mAh. By transitioning from a pen-style battery to a larger battery that is 600 to 1200 mAh, you can not only increase vapor output, but you also won't have to charge your battery as often. This is an easy switch to obtain more vapor. If you want to decrease vapor output, then finding a battery with fewer mAh than your current one can be helpful. 

2. Opt for Your Optimal Tank

The best way to customize vapor output is to change the part of the e-cig that holds the liquid (often casually called a "tank")  to something different. Disposable e-cigs contain cartomizers (although they are not removable in disposables), and pen-style starter kits include this component as well. By switching from a cartomizer to a more powerful, high-capacity clearomizer, you can increase vapor output. For even more vapor, you can opt for a dual-coil clearomizer, which produces more vapor than a typical, single coil one. 

If you want to keep vapor output strong, also remember that no cartomizer or clearomizer lasts forever, and as this component becomes older, it begins to produce less vapor. How long each lasts depends on quality and how much you vape (it can range from days to months), so the best way to know when to replace it is to simply replace when it is no longer producing as much vapor as you like. 

3. Customize Vapor Output with a Manual Battery

The final way to customize your electronic cigarette vapor output, which is switching to a manual battery, is also the best way to decrease vapor if you find that even pen-style batteries with cartomizers produce too much vapor with each puff for you. However, it is also a great option for people who love lots of vapor. 

Pen-style and disposable e-cigs come with automatic batteries, which means that the battery is triggered to produce vapor with your breath. When inhaling, vapor automatically comes out. Manual batteries require the push of a button to produce vapor, so you can simply let go of the button when you have obtained exactly as much vapor as you want for each puff, and you can still draw the puff out longer without getting more vapor. 

If you are someone who likes long, drawn-out puffs from your e-cig but not a lot of vapor, then a manual battery is perfect for you. However, if you want more vapor with each puff, you can also press the button just a second before you begin puffing to already have lots of vapor waiting for you and continue pressing the battery until you have gotten enough. 

If you are new to electronic cigarettes, then it is important to realize that you can customize many aspects of your vaping experience, and optimizing vapor output is just one. It is a great idea to purchase a all-in-one starter kit or set of disposable e-cigs to help you determine what you do and don't like about each feature of it, so you can then start purchasing custom components that provide your perfect vaping experience. Remember to always check for compatibility between batteries and clearomizers or cartomizers before purchasing. 

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14 August 2015

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