Things You Should Rent Instead Of Buy For Your Outdoor Wedding

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Are you planning an outdoor wedding? With all the planning you need to do, you're probably feeling a bit overwhelmed. Ease some stress and make your shopping prep a little easier by checking out this list of things you should rent instead of buy for your big day.

Chairs And Tables

The average soon-to-be-married couple invites 175 guests to their wedding. Few people have this many tables and chairs kicking around their properties, and few people will ever need that many chairs and tables again after their wedding day has passed. 

A simple, plastic folding table and chairs set-up can be rented for about $13.50. This usually includes 6 chairs and 1 table. You'd need about 30 of these to accommodate 175 guests, bringing your total to roughly $405 -- that's far cheaper than what it would cost you to purchase that many tables and chairs, and you won't have to worry about storing them once the event is over. Furthermore, many services will set up the tables and chairs for you for as little as 30 cents a seat. Who couldn't use a little extra help on their wedding day?

A Tent

The very last thing you want at your outdoor wedding is a rain storm, but if one happens to arise, you're going to need to be prepared to deal with it. Make the possibility of a rainy wedding day a non-issue by renting a tent that's big enough to shelter all your guests in the event of a storm.

To find out how much room you'll need in a tent for a sit-down dinner with rectangular banquet tables, it is recommended to multiply the number of guests you've invited to your wedding by 10; this will give you the correct square footage of the tent you should rent. For 175 guests, you'll need a tent with roughly 1750 sq. ft. of floor space. The price of your tent rental will vary depending on the type of tent you want and additional features, such as a dance floor, lighting, windows, and sidewalls. Call tent rental agencies in your area to compare quotes, and make sure those quotes include the cost of delivery, set-up, and insurance.


Sure, you could purchase plastic, disposable flatware and paper plates to serve your guests on at your wedding, but real-deal dinnerware is a whole lot classier. You can rent stainless steel flatware for as little as 35-45 cents apiece and glass dinner plates will cost you roughly 40 cents per piece.

What about wine glasses? These are one aspect of your wedding that it's best to purchase instead of rent. You can buy 6-packs of wine glasses for as little as $4.99; have them etched with your and your spouse's names and let them serve as gifts for your guests to bring home and use to remember your special day. 

The Wedding Dress

Wedding gowns are notoriously expensive. So much so, in fact, that many brides opt out of their dream dresses in favor of less expensive options. By renting a dress, the bride doesn't need to settle. She can wear a wedding dress valued at thousands of dollars and feel as beautiful as possible at a fraction of the cost of buying the dress. 

Most dress rental agencies will allow the dress to be picked up a few days before the wedding, allowing the brides plenty of time to make any necessary temporary adjustments to the gowns. After the wedding, you can drop the dress back off and the rental agency will take care of the dry cleaning -- one less thing you need to worry about before you depart on your honeymoon.

If you're planning a wedding, don't assume you'll need to purchase everything you'll need for your big day. Renting the items on the above list will save you time and/or money, and most will be available through your local rental agencies. Contact a company like White Bear Rental for more information.


4 April 2016

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