Flag Football Leagues: 4 Commemorative Coins Ideal For Game Coin Flips

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Playing in a flag football league is a great way to exercise, enjoy the game, and feel like you're a true NFL player. Just like any football game, the coin flip is an integral part of starting the game. Instead of using a basic coin like a quarter, you can purchase special coins that create a special moment for the coin flip. The following four designs are not only ideal for flipping, but many of them can incorporate the spirit of American football. Coin shops and appraisers may offer a variety of these designs for sale. You can bring the coins to your team's games or donate them to the league organizers for use within the whole league.

Super Bowl Commemorative Coins

The Super Bowl is the biggest game played each year and is often celebrated with the release of a commemorative coin. These coins feature the Super Bowl logo one side with team logos or the Lombardi trophies on the reverse side. Add a competitive Super Bowl feeling to your flag football games with the purchase of Super Bowl commemorative coins. The coins can be used for each game or saved specifically for the championship game in your league.

These coins can be purchased for recent Super Bowls or Super Bowl events played in years past. The replica coins are based off the ones used in the official coin flip, giving you a great coin for flipping at the start of a game.

Team Coins

If you have a favorite football team or your flag football team name is based off an actual NFL team, then you can get a lot of use out of an official team coin. When an NFL's team schedule is released each year, it is typically followed by the release of a team schedule coin. The front side of these bronze coins features the team's helmet logo. The reverse side of the coins features the team schedule for the whole season.

This coin can represent your favorite team and make a great flipping coin for your flag football league. By purchasing multiple coins, the home team can select their favorite team and choose which coin to flip before a game. After the season is over, these coins make great keepsakes to remember the NFL season by. Current season coins are easy to find, but you may need to seek out a coin dealer to find coins from past seasons and for specific teams.

Custom Coins

Along with purchasing coins that are already minted, you can have a custom coin designed for your league. A number of companies offer the ability to have custom coins created and minted. When designing a coin for your flag football league, you can choose custom designs for each side of the coin. For example, one side can feature a waving flag on it while the other features the league name or logo.

There are a number of materials you can have the coins minted in. A heavier material like bronze is ideal for flipping accurately through the air. A material like plastic may be too light for flipping, so stick to metal materials for the best results. You can order a set of these coins to hand out to each player. Not only do they make great coins for flipping, but you can use them as awards or keepsakes to remember each season in the league.

Silver Dollar

If you're looking for something basic and simple to flip, then you cannot go wrong with the silver dollar. Football is an All-American sport and the silver dollar has a rich history in America. Along with traditional silver dollars like ones featuring an American bald eagle, there are numerous special silver dollar releases to choose from. The heavier weight and large size of a silver dollar makes it ideal for flipping and seeing the results.

Examples of special silver dollar releases include the Lewis & Clark Bicentennial silver dollar, the Statue of Liberty dollar, or several silver dollars released in honor of the Olympic games. Choose a fun design that relates to the location where you live or has some sort of association with your league.

Once a coin is chosen, it can make the coin flip feel more special. By contacting a coin dealer and coin appraisal company, you can see specific options and then make a final decision on your official flipping coin.


21 June 2016

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