Tips For Buying Tactical Helmets For Your Police Department

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Your police department might have purchased tactical helmets for officers a long time ago, and it might be time to replace them with newer helmets now. Alternatively, your department might have never purchased these helmets for all of the officers, but you might have made the decision to invest in them for officer protection and safety. Either way, these guidelines can help when you're buying police tactical helmets for your officers.

Buy One for Every Officer

First of all, it's not a good idea to pick and choose which officers you would like to purchase these helmets for. Of course, based on their job description, some of the officers on your police force might have more dangerous jobs than others. It makes sense, for example, that officers who work in SWAT or riot control might need these helmets, for example, but you might not be as concerned about regular patrol officers having them. However, any of your officers can be put in a dangerous situation while on the job, so they all need tactical helmets so that they can protect themselves.

Avoid Buying Military Surplus Helmets

Some police departments make the mistake of buying military surplus helmets for their officers. This is often more affordable and might seem like a good way to make sure that your officers are protected without having to spend as much of your department's possibly limited budget. However, military surplus helmets are usually older helmets. They might not be up-to-date and might not be as good at protecting your officers as the newest helmets that are on the market can. Choosing new helmets from a tactical helmet supplier that specializes in supplying police departments is ideal. This can help you get the newest and best helmets on the market so that your officers are properly protected.

Make Sure They're the Proper Size

Sizing is important with just about any type of helmet, including tactical helmets. If the helmets are too small, they might not cover as much surface area, which means that they might not provide as much protection. Plus, if helmets are too small, they might be so uncomfortable that officers will not want to wear them, which is a bad thing if they find themselves in a particularly dangerous situation. Additionally, helmets that are too large aren't a good idea, either, since they might not be secure enough to keep officers safe if something happens.


8 October 2018

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