Three Occasions For Which To Buy A "Tanned And Tipsy" Hat

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Buying a novelty hat to wear during a specific event can be a fun way to make an enjoyable experience even better. There's a nearly endless list of novelty hats that can suit you, including many in the popular trucker style — a style that typically has a mesh back and a one-size-fits-all construction. If you've come across a women's hat online that reads, "Tanned and Tipsy," and it has made you crack a smile, your next mission is to think about the suitable occasions for wearing such a hat. You can then buy one for yourself and for the other women who will be taking part in the activity with you. Here are some suggestions.

Destination Wedding

If you're planning a destination wedding and are anticipating tanning on the beach and having a few drinks with your bridesmaids, some "Tanned and Tipsy" trucker hats can be the perfect fashion accessory. Not only can each of you wear them during your days on the beach, but you might also want to have some laughs by posing for photos with the hats on while you're still in your formal attire. If the latter idea appeals to you, look for hats that will either match or complement your bridesmaid dresses.

Summer Winery Tour

One summer activities that many women enjoy planning together is a winery tour. This is especially appealing if the vineyard is in a warm climate and promises to give you good exposure to the sun while you're walking outdoors. A hat is always a good idea if you're going to spend a lot of time in the sun, and a "Tanned and Tipsy" hat for each member of your group is sure to yield some laughs. This is especially true if you plan to enjoy the free samples that you'll get during and after the tour.

Pool Party

If you have a backyard pool and you frequently find yourself hosting girls' weekends in and around the pool, a fun gift in the form of a "Tanned and Tipsy" hat for each person who attends can be a thoughtful idea. Many women in the group will enjoy tanning on the pool deck, and some beverages will likely be on the agenda. Of course, you'll want to ensure that everyone consumes alcohol after going swimming, not before doing so.

If you're ready to buy a bunch of "Tanned and Tipsy" women's trucker hats online, browse the web to find the best option.


14 February 2019

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