Are You Redecorating A Bathroom or Bedroom In Your Home?

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Are your children now grown and out of the house? If so, you are probably looking forward to having them come as houseguests often. In addition, you might be anticipating hosting other friends who will stay in rooms that were once occupied by your children. 

If that's the case, maybe you have decided to do minor changes in the bedrooms. Are you planning a major remodeling job in the bathroom your children used while they were still at home? From making the minor changes in the bedrooms to decorating in part with backsplash tile glass in the bathroom, here are some ideas that might help.

The Bathroom Remodeling - You might not be pulling out the bathtub, but you can certainly give it a new look. Consider buying backsplash glass tiles. Applying peel-and-stick backsplash tile glass is such an easy job that you can probably do it yourself. A bonus is that selecting backsplash tile glass will more than likely be very affordable. In addition, glass tiles are easy to maintain. Just use a gentle cleanser to keep them looking brand new. 

Your biggest problem might be just selecting the tiles you want because there are so many choices. For a very contemporary look, consider selecting black and gray mosaics. For a subtle, elegant look, consider white and gray for the color combination of your tiles. If you are wanting to decorate in a bright and colorful way, consider something like turquoise for the backsplash glass tiles. Mexican tiles would be another great choice for a bright and colorful mood in your guest bathroom. 

Simple Bedroom Changes - Unless your kids have taken their bedroom furniture with them, think of using the same furniture they left behind. After all, you probably selected quality furniture, so why not use it, right? 

The redecorating will not only be easy, it will probably be fun. Remove the old bedspreads and replace them with brand new ones. For example, do away with the sports-themed bedspread and trade it for a solid color one. Throw pillows will add warmth and interest to the room. Select throw pillows that reflect your interests. For instance, if you love gardening, go with throw pillows of a floral design. If you love animals, choose throw pillows that depict cute animals. 

Change the artwork, too. For example, take down the sports posters and replace them with things you love. If you went with floral themed throw pillows, think of framing garden scenes. If you went with an animal theme, consider framing pictures of animals and so on. 


21 May 2019

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