3 Tips For Buying Men's Hiking Boots After Foot Surgery

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For many outdoor enthusiasts, hiking is a fun way to explore nature while getting in a fantastic workout. If you've recently undergone foot surgery, this can interfere with your ability to spend your day engrossed in a good hike. Once you've been given the go-ahead by your doctor, you'll be ready to hit the trails again.

Before you embark on your first hike after your foot surgery, update your gear with a new pair of hiking boots. A sturdy pair of hiking boots provides you with secure footing as you navigate rough terrain and it helps protect your feet during your trek. When it's time to purchase your new boots, follow these three tips to make sure your selection is appropriate for your post-surgery feet.

1. Make Sure Your Doctor Has Approved You for Regular Shoes

Before you get to embark on your quest for the perfect pair of men's hiking boots, wait until you doctor approves you to return to normal footwear. Though some patients receive this approval when they're cleared to resume active outings, your doctor may prefer that you stay in a walking boot for a few more weeks to ensure the healing process is complete. If you're still suffering from an extensive amount of swelling, your doctor might encourage you to stick with your walking boot due to the ease of adjusting it to the size of your foot.

2. Look for Boots That Address Any Issues Unique to Your Feet

As you shop for boots, look for options that are appropriate for any issues that pertain to your feet. For example, if you had surgery to adjust the ligaments in your foot to relieve symptoms of plantar fasciitis, you'll want to make sure that you choose a hiking boot with a supportive arch to keep future pain at bay. Or, you might need a hiking boot that has a molded foot bed to better distribute your weight.

3. Don't Assume Your Size is the Same

After you have surgery, it's common for swelling to last for months after your procedure. Some men also find that their feet get larger as they age or gain weight. Don't assume that you wear the same size that you always have; instead, consult the size chart for the boots you're interested in purchasing. 

Make sure to consider any items that you'll need to wear, like supportive braces or foot wraps. You may want to go up half a size to ensure that you have ample room for these pieces. 


15 July 2019

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