Are You About To Be In Your Biggest Skating Competition?

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Have you been skating from the time you were a very little girl? Or, it might be that you are the parent of a girl who has become an excellent skater. No matter the scenario, are you facing the stiffest skating competition in your skating history? If you are the skater, maybe you are nervous for your own performance. If you are the parent of a skater, you might be doubly nervous. After all, you want your daughter, no matter her age, to succeed even more than you would want that for yourself, right?

Have you already shopped for ladies custom skating competition dresses? If you have already made your purchases, then you don't need to read another word. On the other hand, maybe you have been so busy with practices that you haven't had time to shop yet. Consider that this purchase might be one of the most important ones you'll make in your life. After all, if this is your biggest skating competition to date, that's a pretty big deal, right? From selecting the right dress to shopping for accessories, here are some ideas that might help you.

​Shop For The Right Competition Outfit - Consider the mood you want to set with your skating competition dress. For example, do you want it to be tremendously dramatic? If so, you'll more than likely want to look for dresses in bold jewel tones. Think of having gold as part of the outfit's design, too. Or, choose a competition dress that has something like different colored rhinestones or faux jewels as part of the design. 

Maybe you want something more understated that will still be extremely elegant. If so, consider pure white, which will dazzle everybody who watches. Or, select another soft color. For example, if you have blond hair, think about choosing pale yellow for your dress. If you are a brunette, consider pale turquoise. And, go with less dramatic accents on the dress. For example, choose silver rhinestones which will still glimmer, but won't be harsh.

Shop For Accessories - Consider the color you selected for your competition dress and choose jewelry that will complement it. Of course, you won't want anything heavy that might get in your way as you skate. Instead, think of things like delicate earrings or a very delicate short chain necklace.

If you chose something like purple for your completion outfit, tiny amethyst earrings would be a good choice. Or, go with tiny pearls which will go with anything you have selected.

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16 September 2019

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