Common Misconceptions About Full Leather Harnesses For Adult Dom-Sub Play

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When you are all about playing the roles of dominatrix and submissive in the bedroom, a full leather harness is a costume that just naturally fits. Take a look at some of the common misconceptions about these adult pieces. 

Misconception: Leather harnesses are uncomfortable and chafe your skin. 

Well-designed leather harnesses are created to be comfortable against your skin, even if they are worn for a long period of time. It is not uncommon for some harnesses to have soft lining at skin contact points specifically to prevent chafing as the straps rub against your body while you move around. For instance, some harnesses have velvet backing on the backside.

Misconception: It is hard to find a leather harness that fits properly. 

Leather harnesses are now available in all different sizes, and most are designed to be adjustable at multiple points even when they are a certain size. For example, you may find a small-size harness that has four points of adjustment: one around the chest strap, two at the shoulders, and one around the waist. You can also find harnesses that have attached stretchy bands at certain points so you always get a secure fit. 

Misconception: You can't find full leather harnesses for women. 

You can find full leather harnesses designed for either men or women. Since women need a more unique style to fit around the body, most manufacturers do provide harnesses for either gender. Therefore, women do not have to buy a small men's harness and try to make it work on their body shape. 

Misconception: It is difficult to keep a leather harness clean. 

When you buy a genuine leather harness, you should have no problem keeping it clean. Most genuine leather can be cleaned by wiping it down with a dampened cloth. Always allow the harness to air dry after use before storing it away in a drawer or closet, and make sure to use leather conditioning lotion or polish on the harness periodically to keep the material soft and supple. 

Misconception: Most leather harnesses are made out of cheap materials. 

It is true that you can find leather harnesses crafted out of cheaper materials, such as PU leather, which may be preferable if you want a vegan or cruelty-free version. However, there are just as many harnesses out there that have a good-quality build. You can easily find a harness made of genuine leather with nickel-free metal components and stainless steel buckles that can last a long time. 


28 April 2020

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