Shopping For Earrings: 4 Tips

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Earrings can complete an outfit, call attention to your face, and make you feel special. But how do you go about choosing the right pair? First, you want to make sure you go to a store that offers a wide variety of earrings. Then, you'll want to follow the tips below as you shop around and pick some out.

1. Avoid nickel-based metals

The cheapest earrings are often made with nickel. It can be tempting to buy these because they are so affordable. However, most people find that nickel irritates their ears, causing redness and itchiness. Instead, look for earrings made with silver, gold, or titanium. Low-karat gold is not as expensive as you might think, and it's a lot kinder to your ears than nickel.

2. Choose the shape according to your face.

Do you have a rounder face that you wish looked longer? Then you might want to opt for longer, dangling earrings. Do you have a long face that you wish was a little rounder? Then stick with earrings that don't dangle, such as studs. Also, consider the size of the earrings overall. Many people with larger heads often prefer slightly larger earrings so that they look proportional.

3. Consider whether the earring will get caught on something

Some earrings are smooth, and others have texture. The texture often comes from a gem, but it can also come from various metal components. If you don't mind always taking your earrings off before you undress, and you don't have long hair, then an earring with some texture isn't a bad choice. However, if you like to wear your earrings for days at a time, or if you have long hair, you may want to stick with smoother earrings that won't get caught on anything.

4. Choose versatile colors

Look for earrings that will match a lot of different outfits. This way, you will wear them more often. For example, instead of choosing earrings with bright blue gems, look for some with amber or clear gems. It's nice to be able to mix and match earrings with different outfits, and you can do more of that if your earrings are versatile and neutral.

Hopefully, the tips above will guide you as you shop for earrings. If you end up with a few pairs you love, consider buying them all. It's always nice to have options when you get dressed. Talk to a local jewelry store to learn more.


5 October 2021

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