5 Reasons Your Vintage Costume Jewelry Collection Has Value

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If your jewelry collection includes vintage costume pieces, you may have experienced disappointment over not having real fine jewelry. But costume jewelry can be valuable in its own ways. Here are a few reasons why you should still seek out a good buyer. 

1. It's Hard to Tell.

Just because you believe that a piece of jewelry isn't worth much doesn't necessarily mean you're right. Stories abound of heirs and family members who have long believed a certain item to have little value, only to be surprised when they work with a professional with a keen eye. So don't assume something is always so. 

2. It's a Part of History.

Even though they aren't fabulous gems, costume jewelry pieces are still are a product of their period. This means that they're part of history. They represent certain styles, such as Art Deco, that were popular during their time and which are still marveled at today. There may also be techniques, stone styles, and motifs represented that define the period. Historical importance has its own value. 

3. It's More Affordable.

Costume jewelry gained popularity because it was accessible to a wider audience of jewelry lovers than fine jewelry was. That's still the case. The very fact that the price tags are lower means your jewelry has a wider pool of buyers than it would otherwise get. This will increase its value, the likelihood of finding a buyer, and the price tag even if it won't fetch thousands of dollars. 

4. It Has a Market.

Everything has its own market for buying and selling. Costume pieces may not share the same exact market as real jewelry, but they will always have aficionados. These buyers know what makes costume pieces, but they love it (and are willing to pay for it) because of these characteristics — not in spite of them. You just need to find the market for what you own. 

5. It Grows in Rarity.

In the art world, the rarer an item, the more value it gains. This value is independent of the materials used or even the original purpose. And vintage jewelry of all types becomes rarer and rarer with each passing year as its contemporary pieces are lost to time. 

Want to know more about selling your costume jewelry? Start by consulting with a vintage costume jewelry buyer in your area today. With their expertise and eye, you'll secure the best price for your collection and have the satisfaction of passing on unique and affordable items for others to enjoy. 

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30 March 2022

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