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Whether you are an avid needlepoint artist or embarking on your very first project, it is definitely a fun craft to learn. While it takes concentration and skill, needlepoint can bring hours of enjoyment to go from a blank canvas to a completed masterpiece. It allows you to focus on the task at hand, and turn hard work and creativity into something you can truly call your own. If you are feeling in a creative slump, give needlework a try. Here is how it can really bring out your creative side.  

Choose the Right Canvas

It may sound like a simple concept. Choosing the right canvas for your needlepoint project. But the right one is key for bringing the project together and also what it will ultimately be used for. There are two main types, single or double thread. From there, varieties include Penelope, Interlock, and Mono. 

More complex designs may include double thread, depending on the project. Are you just wanting a project to be used as a pillow? Consider a single thread option. For more precise prints, such as wall art, needlepoint design canvases are available with existing designs or you can copy your own art onto canvas. Making sure your project turns out well comes down to the right canvas. 

Have Fun Selecting a Design

Taking your own design idea and turning it into a piece of art is a great form of creativity. It allows you to personalize a piece that is unlike anything else. This unique form of creativity is a great way to highlight your art skills.

You can also get the same amount of satisfaction by using a pre-existing design, and there are thousands on the market to choose from. You can find a huge selection by browsing kits at a local needlepoint canvas retailer. Everything from animals, to family crests, ideas are endless. Needlepoint projects make perfect gifts as well. 

Supplies on Hand

Getting creative and honing your art skills is something that takes time and perseverance. From there, you need to be able to get your design on canvas. This can only be done with the right tools on your desk. According to, some basics to get started include: 

  • Needle threader.
  • Weighted laying tool.
  • Stitcher's friend. A tool that removes stitches and repairs loose threads.
  • Scissors or slips.

Be sure to pick up required supplies and needlepoint canvas products from your local craft retailer. When you have the right supplies close by, you can jump right in and keep pushing through your needlepoint project. 

Get out of your non-creative slump and dive into a needlepoint project. It's relaxing and the results are always stunning.

For more information, contact a local canvas retailer


20 June 2022

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